Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gallant Poacher

Albion Country Band

The lyrics of Gallant Poacher were notated from the Ashley Hutchings songbook
A Little Music.

Now come all you lads of high renown
That like to drink strong ale that's brown
And pull the lofty pheasant down
With powder, shot and gun.
He's a gallant youth, I will tell the truth,
Oh he's crossed all life's temptations ways,
No mortal man his life could save
Now he's sleeping in his grave,
His deeds on earth be done.

Now me and five more a-poaching went
To get some game was our intent
Our goods were gone and our money all spent
We had nothing left to try.
Now the moon shone bright, not a cloud in sight,
Oh, the keeper heard us fire a gun,
To the spot he quickly run,
He swore, before the rising sun
That one of us should die.

Now, the bravest youth amongst our lot
'Twas his misfortune to be shot
His dees will never be forgot
By all of us below.
Now for help he cried, but he was denied
Oh his memory ever shall be blessed
For he stood up, he fought the rest,
While down upon his gallant breast
The crimson blood did flow.

Now this youth he fell down on the ground,
In his breast a mortal wound,
While through the woods the shot did sound
That took his life away.
In the midst of life he fell in suffering full-well,
Deep was the wound that the keeper gave,
No mortal man his life could save,
Now he's sleeping in his grave,
His deeds on earth be done.

Now the murderous man that did him kill,
Caused his precious blood to spill,
Must wander far against his will
And find no resting place.
Destructive things, his consience stings,
He must wander through the world forlorn,
Ever feel the smarting thorn
Be pointed at with the finger of scorn,
And die in sad disgrace

[Trad. arr. Albion Country Band]

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